[MATRIXROM][14/4/19] S9 S9+ N9

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[MATRIXROM][14/4/19] S9 S9+ N9


Post by Matrix_Usman » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:09 pm

Matrix Rom for S9/S9+ N960F/FD by MATRIX_USMAN
Disclaimer : - This will void warranty.
- As of now you will lose Samsung Pay and Secure folder forever if you root once, even unrooting won't help. (hope in future we can get it working on tripped knox device)
- OTA likely won't work once you root device.

Rom Specifications:

Supports SM-G965F Sm-G960F and SM-N960F
Magisk 19.0
Based on latest CSD2 pie firm
Everything is odexed
ZipAligned and Tweaked
Super Debloated
Battery tweaks
Build.prop tweaks
CSC tweaks
Pre Rooted with latest magisk
Super Smooth
Digital Wellbeing and samsung S10 features
AntiVirus disabled
DataUsage on NotiPanel
Camera enabled during calls
Camera shutter sound enabled
Air messages enabled
SMS to MMS conversion stopped
Resizing attachments enabled
Spam Filter and call Blocking enabled
Realtime network speed enabled
4G Replaced with LTE
Smart Manager enabled
Recent apps protection enabled
Advanced menu for wifi enabled
WhitePages disabled
Call recording enabled
Fully removed knox and fota
Disabled ota updates screen
BlackList enabled
APK category added in file manager
Patched ThemeStore by default
Device name set to Matrix Rom by default
1170 Fonts by default
Wings Awesome fonts app added
Modded Touchwiz launcher 10 icons in dock
DAA agent modded can clone any app
Matrix BootAnimation
Fixed Seccure thingy to keep bluetooth after reboot
Memory saver added
New camera modes added
Ultradata saving enabled
Patced RMM state
Patched KGG state
Busybox installed
Places tab in Dialer
Latest CSC always
Alot of tweaks to make rom better
And much more


Rebased to CSD2
S9+ Supported
Tgp kernel For s9+
Added s10 features Digital wellbeing and so
Added Smart Manager China version
Added dark mod applock and such things
Removed viper
Added wings app by default
Added magisk apk installed by default
April security patches
Added Battery Optimizations
Added Matrix Boot animations by default
Mirror for Rom at our own private server
Updated magisk to v19.0

If you want RomControl and More mods please install Given zip and apk

Dedoxed Needed Things
Option to hide and show Stock battery / Percentage.
Option to hide and show 3minit battery at left
Option to hide and show 3minit battery at right
Option to hide and show Battery Temprature
Battery Bar Customizations

Options to remap bixby systemly and forcly
Options to remap bixby to Back
Options to remap bixby to Camera
Options to remap bixby to Home
Options to remap bixby to Notification Panel
Options to remap bixby to Power
Options to remap bixby to Recent
Options to remap bixby to ScreenShot
Options to remap bixby to Sleep
Options to remap bixby VoiceAssistant
Options to remap bixby to WakeUp

Option to enable custom Colours for notifications
Notification Main Text Colour
Notification 2nd tile colour
Notification 2nd tile detail colour
Notification App Name colour
Notification Main Text Colour
Notification Expand icon colour
Notification Time Text Colour
Notification Divider colour
Notification Action Colour
Notification Second Overflow nb Colour
Notification Title group text colour
Notification Title group detailed Colour
Notification Number group text colour
Notificatiions Icons colour
Show/Hide text under toggles in QS panel
Change colours Under toggles in QS panel
Notification Blur Changeable on the fly
Custom Background for notifications Picture/Colours/Gradient/Gradient Oreintation

Dual Status Bar
Show/Hide Network Speed On status Bar
Show/Hide Network Speed On status Bar At Left
Show/Hide Network Speed On status Bar at Right
Custom Logo on status bar
Colour Changeable of logo
Custom Logo chooseable from Gallery
Custom Dual Status Bar Divider
Show/Hide Custom Clock
Show/Hide 3minit Clock

Navigation Bar Custom Colours
Navigation Bar Custom BackGrounds
Navigation Bar Custom Gradient Colours/Oreintation
BackGround Opacity of Colours/Image/Gradient

Power Menu Display Points
Option to Show/Hide Mobile Data Toggle
Option to Show/Hide Quick Reboot Toggle
Option to Show/Hide Reboot to download mod toggle
Option to Show/Hide Reboot to recovery toggle
Option to Show/Hide Emergency Mod toggle
Option to Show/Hide ScreenRecord Toggle
Option to Show/Hide ScrenShot toggle
Option to Show/Hide Settings toggle
Option to Show/Hide FlashLight Toggle
Option to Show/Hide SBike Mod Toggle

Custom BackGround of Power Menu
Custom Colours of Power Menu
Custom Gradient of Power Menu
Custom Matrix Effects of Power Menu
Custom BackGround Colour of matrix effects of Power Menu
Custom Front Colour of Matrix Effects of Power Menu
Custom Speed of matrix effect
Custom Transparency of matrix effect
Custom Text Size of Matrix Effect
Custom Main Text Colour Of Of Power menu
Custom Secondary Text Colour of Power menu

Option to apply Matrix Boot Animations
Option to apply Stock Boot Animation
SHow/Hide Next Alarm on Lockscreen
Option to reply/Cant reply from LockScreen
Toggle to enabled and disable BioMetrics After reboot
Toggle to enabled and disable FingerPrint after reboot

Custom InCallUI Background
Custom InCallUI Background colour and Gradinet

Option to enable/Disable USB plug in-out wakeup
Option to enable S10 Sytem Sounds
Option to enable N9 System Sounds
Option to enable/Disable Boosted Speaker sounds
Option to enable/Disable Device info on expanded status bar
Option to enable/Disable OutDoor Mod
Category of Phone testing menu
Category of Phone APN Set up
Category of WirelessBetwork Information
Category of GPS status
Category of Notification logs
Category of Usage Statics
Box With sweets
Marshmallow land

ShortCuts for all GoodLock apps they will only appear if you have them installed
Shortcut for Magisk
Shortcut for Wings app

InApp Updates Included
OTA Updates included
Matrix effect everywhere inside rc located
and much more

Instructions To Install

Download Rom
Flash it Reboot

If you want mods and rom control

Download Rom
Flash reboot
Reboot back to recovery after first boot
Flash Mod Zip
and install RomControl APk


Mega: https://wishes2.com/1064h
Drive: https://wishes2.com/XUBYH

Mega: https://wishes2.com/Kws7U
Drive: https://wishes2.com/mbgvA

Mod ZIp
Mega: https://wishes2.com/jpGXY
Drive: https://wishes2.com/XVKkv

If you like my work support me at matrixusmanteam@gmail.com

Thanks and Credits:

SUPERR for pro kitchen
NOBODY for logos themes
Android Studio
and many more

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Re: [MATRIXROM][10/1/19][N960F/FD]


Post by Rolandyip » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:00 pm

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